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Exercise 1: Deepening Understanding of the Framework

Objective: The purpose of this exercise is to offer teachers a greater understanding of the Framework and how their practice stacks up against the Framework. Also, teachers should become familiar with how to use the portal to clarify strengths and areas of growth in relation to the Framework.



FFT in Action Portal


Ask teachers to reflect on their current teaching practice (~10 minutes)

  1. Start on the FFT in Action portal powered by 2gnoMe;
  2. Select a domain to focus on (e.g., Planning and Preparation); and
  3. Have the teachers answer the self-reflection questions based on their actual teaching practice and not on what they believe to be the right answer.


Awareness Summary


Review Awareness Summary (~15 minutes)

  1. After the teachers complete the self-reflection questions and arrive at the Results page, the trainer should share his or her screen (in-person or online) and explain what the teachers are seeing on their Awareness Summary, highlighting gaps between Self-Perception and Action results.
  2. Have the teachers review their Awareness Summary for each Component. This will help the teachers become clear about their strengths and areas of growth.
  3. For each Component, teachers can also explore their answers, in relative context to other educators, in the Answer Details section on the Results Page.
  4. Encourage teachers to reflect by themselves on their results for each Component:
    1. Do the results make sense to you?
    2. Where are the biggest surprises?
    3. What more do you want to know about the specific component or domain?

Questions for group discussion (~15 - 20 minutes, depending on the group size)

  1. Do the results make sense? Any surprises?
  2. Are the results consistent with each teacher’s own assessment of their strengths and areas of growth? Any disconnects?
  3. How did the self-reflection questions help “unpack” the elements of the FFT Domains and Components?
  4. Are there parts of the FFT that are not clear or need clarification?

Repeat with additional domains of the Framework as time permits.



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