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Exercise 2: Exploring Personalized Learning Resources and Activities Aligned to the Framework


It is time to connect the teachers' self-reflection results to the resources and activities personalized to individual strengths and areas of growth.

Objective: Teachers should come away with a clearer understanding of their strengths and areas of growth, as well as a range of learning resources personalized to support their professional growth. Teachers should understand how resources get added into their Learning Plan, offering the ability to update activity status and leave feedback about each learning recommendation.



FFT in Action Portal



Awareness Summary


Reflect on current practice within selected domain (~10 minutes)

  1. Start on the FFT in Action portal
  2. Ask teachers to select one Domain they want to focus on;
  3. Answer the self-reflection questions in regards to their practice.
  4. Review key points to consider from the Awareness Summary for each Domain and Component (see Exercise 1).


Personalized Resources


Review Recommended Learning (10-15 minutes)

  1. On the Results page, ask teachers to scroll down to the Professional Development Resources section.
  2. Explain for additional context:
    1. Why teachers are seeing their resources (e.g., based on the Component and result of self-reflection);
    2. How resources are grouped together in each tab (e.g., based on their relevancy or source); and
    3. What is the level of detail for each resource (e.g., type of a resource, credit if any, extra cost if any).
  3. Have teachers explore available options. Teachers can 'bookmark' those that sound most interesting by clicking on the “heart” symbol.

Review MyLearning Plan (~10 minutes)

  1. Once done, have the teachers click on the MyLearning Plan tab at the top of the Results page to see all of the learning resources that they either  bookmarked (marked with a 'heart' icon) or that were assigned to (marked with a “thumb-up' icon).'
  2. Clarify to teachers how to:
    1. Update Activity Status (e.g., Not Completed, In-Progress, Completed); and
    2. Rate and provide feedback about each resource.

Questions for group discussion (15-20 minutes)

  1. Which resources caught your eye? Why?
  2. Which resources are best done individually in a self-paced manner and which should be done as a group?

Repeat with additional domains as time permits.

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